Eli Neuman-Hammond lives and works in Providence, RI. He employs a variety of materials to raise the stakes of when and how we give attention, especially within landscapes. His sound work strategically amplifies, attenuates, filters, and resonates material to highlight listeners’ already-present attentions and inattentions. Recent paintings address the romantic American visual regime. His music has been published by edition wandelweiser and El Gallo de Oro (forthcoming), and he has performed at DIY venues throughout the US. He teaches at MassArt. email

Freelance work
I offer a variety of professional audio services, with a speciality in location sound recording and mastering. I can edit sound for video and video for sound, and make programs for you in Max/MSP. I have worked on projects for Ei Arakawa-Nash, Lorel Easterbrooks, Vazira Zamindar, and others.

the 'artist'