Eli Neuman-Hammond (he/him) is an artist based in Providence, RI. He uses sound, images, and objects to explore intimate, disavowed, and persistent relations between present and past. His work interrogates how people and spaces are receptive (and antagonistic) to histories by amplifying and removing material that's present and intervening with additional materials. He engages listening–and perception more broadly–as an exercise of labor, pleasure, alienation, and play out of which new ethics can emerge in relation to specific sites, objects, and people. He borrows strategies from oral history to express the possibilities and limits of transmission and he uses simple speaker arrangements to subvert a naturalized technological order in which microphones are believed to neutrally capture "fields" of sound. Eli also makes landscape paintings.


Freelance work
I offer a variety of professional audio services, with a speciality in location sound recording and mastering. I can edit sound for video and video for sound, and make programs for you in Max/MSP. I have worked on projects for Ei Arakawa-Nash, Lorel Easterbrooks, Vazira Zamindar, and others.

the 'artist'